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MM&M Webcast https://www.evolutionroad.com/mmm-webcast/ https://www.evolutionroad.com/mmm-webcast/#respond Thu, 30 Apr 2020 21:33:39 +0000 https://www.evolutionroad.com/?p=2902 Honored to participate with Karima Sharif from Publicis Health Media as well as Steve Silvestro and Eze Abosi from OptimizeRx on the MM&M webcast panel discussion around Life Science Digital Engagement and Non-Personal Promotion during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

So many interesting and important dynamics to discuss. Looking forward to it.

Panel is Tue May 5 at 1pm ET, register here:

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Evolution Road 20th Anniversary https://www.evolutionroad.com/evolution-road-20th-anniversary/ https://www.evolutionroad.com/evolution-road-20th-anniversary/#respond Thu, 30 Apr 2020 13:52:54 +0000 https://www.evolutionroad.com/?p=2899 I am so proud and humbled to celebrate Evolution Road’s 20th Anniversary this month.  Not many small businesses make it this far, especially those that have faced 9/11, the Great Recession and now the Pandemic.

The sense of heartbreak and loss we all face today was unimaginable a few short weeks ago.  Yet the strength of our global community is far stronger than this pandemic.  People across the world have risen to its challenge.  People in every one of our neighborhoods goes to work on the front lines of healthcare every day to stand and face this challenge and help people in desperate need.  While we have a ways to go, I know we will all stand strong and stand together, and we will make it through.

I had hoped to celebrate this milestone in ER’s history with a great party, but my sense of what matters has changed.  I now celebrate that my family, friends, Evolution Road colleagues and clients are still safe for the most part.  I now celebrate that our empty nest at home isn’t so empty anymore and that I’ve had the amazing opportunity to spend so much quality time with my two college-aged kids (of course they may not see it the same way 😉).  I celebrate when I see a friend passing by walking their dog and we get the chance to say hi and catch up.  I celebrate the opportunity to get a bagel at our local bagel store (observing all appropriate social distancing protocols of course) and paying 10x for my bagel so they can give the extra $ to their employees who are struggling to make ends meet. 

I now celebrate the important big things, and the important little things that are so much more important to me now than they were 6 weeks ago.  Certainly not what I expected, but grateful nonetheless.

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Social Determinants, The Causes of the Causes https://www.evolutionroad.com/social-determinants-the-causes-of-the-causes/ https://www.evolutionroad.com/social-determinants-the-causes-of-the-causes/#respond Wed, 23 Oct 2019 15:56:50 +0000 https://www.evolutionroad.com/?p=2732 The social determinants of health are the conditions in which people are born, grow, live, work and age.1 You’ve probably seen or read the term in headlines, presented at conferences, or discussed at roundtables and meeting, but how are social determinants of health (SDoH) relevant to pharma?

Sachin Jain MD, MBA, Former CMIO of Merck explains it this way, “Every brand needs to take a precision approach to addressing social determinants, biopharma has a huge opportunity and imperative. You can produce medicines that will change lives, but if you don’t have the living conditions to support effective use of those medicines, we’re missing an opportunity to improve human health.”

Determinants, or drivers of health, are not a novel concept, yet there has been explosion of interest across the healthcare value chain. In fact, the “aha” moment was when healthcare stakeholders realized that in order to achieve optimal health outcomes AND value for healthcare services, determinants need to be addressed. 


In the shift from volume to value, understanding the complexity of patients’ lives is re-shaping drug development and commercialization. Only by analyzing data collected in routine medical care, and eventually from patients’ day-to-day lives, can pharma align with providers, payers, and regulators to design digital or traditional therapeutic interventions that will not fail in the face of complex real life.2

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Studies show that there are correlations to how patients live their lives and how effective drugs are. Coupling this with arguably one of the most important determinants, health literacy, pharma has an incentive and an opportunity to address SDoH in a variety of ways. Patients from traditionally disadvantaged social groups, limited education, or income levels have struggled with medication management. Rarely does a patient not want to be healthy, yet there are other obstacles keeping them from medication adherence.Patients don’t wake up in the morning and think “I’m not going to follow what my doctor told me to do today.”

There are a variety of societal challenges that keep patients from taking their medications such as high out of pocket costs, mobility, inability to get to the pharmacy, limited educational attainment, and health literacy. Pharma can work with local communities to promote health by offering free transportation to and from pharmacies and doctor appointments, or working with health systems to improve health literacy in underserved communities. Prescriptions, at times, can be too difficult to access due to lack of insurance coverage, and although pharma offers substantial patient support programs, there is still systematic policy issues around coinsurance and who pays for the healthcare services and drugs used. 

Social determinants such as food insecurity, transportation, job training, education, housing, and health literacy can impact clinical outcomes substantially. So who’s responsibility is it anyway to address these determinants? Well as lines of responsibility become blurred in today’s healthcare consumer-centric era, stakeholders need to work together, and take responsibility for the patient.  Going beyond the pill to bundle drugs with lightweight services, whether it’s a screening, a referral or some financial assistance, are some ways pharma can address social determinants of health.

Of the determinants listed previously, many are the underlying symptoms that can lead to low rates of medication adherence. Medication adherence is and always has been a significant issue for pharma, and employing digital technologies such as apps and smart pill bottles are helping to solve this complex puzzle . Only by going a layer deeper, by learning about the true needs of the patients they are serving, will pharma truly solve this issue and improve outcomes. 



3 https://patientengagementhit.com/features/using-social-determinants-of-health-to-drive-medication-adherence

4 https://www.mmm-online.com/home/channel/features/why-every-drug-should-have-a-social-care-strategy-but-most-dont/

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PM360 Focus on New Technologies https://www.evolutionroad.com/pm360-focus-on-new-technologies/ https://www.evolutionroad.com/pm360-focus-on-new-technologies/#respond Fri, 11 Oct 2019 12:52:29 +0000 https://www.evolutionroad.com/?p=2726 PM360 asked the industry’s brightest which new technologies are having the most impact on marketers and how they need to adjust. ER’s own Brandi Ascione shared her perspective.

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Finding the right partner: Pharma and Digital Health https://www.evolutionroad.com/finding-the-right-partner-pharma-and-digital-health/ https://www.evolutionroad.com/finding-the-right-partner-pharma-and-digital-health/#respond Tue, 01 Oct 2019 15:42:32 +0000 https://www.evolutionroad.com/?p=2716 Digital health is all the buzz these days, but how do you know which digital health opportunity is the best one to pursue for your brand or organization? 

Pharma and digital health companies can both benefit from an effective and meaningful partnership. 

Pharma will benefit from working with a nimbler partner, with the talent and experience to build technology solutions quickly, allowing them to bring innovation into a larger, typically slower moving organization. Digital health companies often have access to more and better data on healthcare stakeholders, allowing pharma to gain deeper insights into their customers. 

Digital health companies who may lack the depth of experience in selling and marketing products to healthcare stakeholders, can benefit from pharma’s experience and established processes and infrastructure for getting a product to market.

Once you’ve identified that working with a digital health partner is an area of interest, finding and fostering the right partnership can be challenging. Based on our experience working with our life science clients to partner and execute digital health programs, here are a few considerations for a successful partnership:


As with any partnership, having aligned goals from the start is key. Goals can include, goals for your customers (patients, providers, payers), goals for your company, or goals specific to the program/partnership. It’s important to discuss all the potential goals you may have and ensure that both partners are aligned. 

 Having an aligned roadmap is less obvious, but we have seen many partnerships fail because their long-term objectives were not aligned. As a result, the partnership dissolved because they were moving in two different directions. Most digital health companies have limited resources and need to focus on their priorities. Ensure that their priorities are aligned with yours so that you are building towards a common future.


 Another important factor for a successful partnership is the cultural fit. How quickly does the partner want to move? How nimble and flexible are they with new ideas or changes in direction? Do their strengths and weaknesses complement your organizations? One of the most common dissatisfaction in a partnership is when the partner is expected to perform a task (e.g. user research, UX design) that may not be aligned to their strength, and as result, pharma is unhappy with the end product. Exploring each partner’s values and capabilities and ensuring alignment at the beginning of the relationship will help avoid conflicts down the road.


Although many brand teams and organizations within a life science company may dabble in innovation, innovation doesn’t stick unless there is investment in time and resource at the executive level. Not only from our experience, but from speaking with other pharma innovation leaders, the digital health initiatives that were most successful were the ones where leadership saw the value and was personally involved in ensuring that the partnership was a success. This included meeting regularly with the partner as well as supporting the development of innovation goals and capabilities at the organization level. Before spending too much time developing a partnership, it would be worth doing a business case and selling it in internally to ensure that you have the right support to successfully launch your innovation project with your digital health partner.

Finding the right partner is not always an easy task, but well worth the effort and investment long term. 

What other recommendations would you have for life science companies looking to find a digital health partner? From your experience, what are some key factors that made your partnerships a success? 

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Q&A: What are Digital Pharma East presenters saying about industry changes? https://www.evolutionroad.com/qa-what-are-digital-pharma-east-presenters-saying-about-industry-changes/ https://www.evolutionroad.com/qa-what-are-digital-pharma-east-presenters-saying-about-industry-changes/#respond Tue, 24 Sep 2019 14:21:19 +0000 https://www.evolutionroad.com/?p=2705 The Digital Pharma Team had the pleasure of speaking several members of our Digital Pharma East faculty to highlight industry shifts in digital innovation and the life sciences. Hear from the experts directly on emerging technologies, challenges, AI, patient centricity and more.

Among our speakers, Brandi AscioneMarketing Innovation Consulting, and Larry Brooks from EVOLUTION ROADMelissa HalkyardVice President, Product Development and Marketing at PRECISION XTRACT, and Linda RuschauChief Client Offer at PATIENT POINT.

http://digitalblog.exlpharma.com/2019/09/qa-what-are-digital-pharma-east-presenters-saying-about-industry-changes/Click through for the full post.

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Digital Health Today Interview with Head of Neurology Patient Technology at UCB Biopharma https://www.evolutionroad.com/digital-health-today-interview-with-head-of-neurology-patient-technology-at-ucb-biopharma/ https://www.evolutionroad.com/digital-health-today-interview-with-head-of-neurology-patient-technology-at-ucb-biopharma/#respond Mon, 17 Jun 2019 13:21:55 +0000 http://www.evolutionroad.com/?p=2594

Check out an interview with our own Digital Health Consultant, Jason Prignoli, with James Musick, VP and Head of Neurology Patient Technology at UCB Biopharma, on Digital Health Today, a well-known podcast and resource for all things digital health. Three key takeaways from the interview:

  • Key barriers to consumer adoption of digital solutions include infrastructure, regulatory, and reimbursement challenges
  • If digital health companies want to work with Pharma, they should frame their value proposition in a language familiar to the industry while aligning to pharma’s strategic objectives
  • When considering digital health partnerships,  Pharma should not shy away from its roots of robust clinical evidence, similar assessment with corresponding rigor should be made around the evidence digital health companies have to support their products

Find the interview here.


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Learnings from the Inaugural Digital Health for Pharma (DH4P) Conference https://www.evolutionroad.com/learnings-from-the-inaugural-digital-health-for-pharma-dh4p-conference/ https://www.evolutionroad.com/learnings-from-the-inaugural-digital-health-for-pharma-dh4p-conference/#respond Mon, 17 Jun 2019 13:18:47 +0000 http://www.evolutionroad.com/?p=2592 Pharma Marketing Network shares some thoughts on the first DH4P Conference.


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Key Insights from the Digital Health for Pharma (DH4P) Conference https://www.evolutionroad.com/key-insights-from-the-digital-health-for-pharma-dh4p-conference/ https://www.evolutionroad.com/key-insights-from-the-digital-health-for-pharma-dh4p-conference/#respond Wed, 29 May 2019 20:27:00 +0000 http://www.evolutionroad.com/?p=2579 On April 30, I proudly kicked off the inaugural Digital Health for Pharma (DH4P) annual conference on behalf of Evolution Road.  In the early days of digital marketing I had the pleasure of chairing the ePharma Summit which was a great way for the life science industry to come together and learn, share and connect with one another.  With so many similarities between the evolution of digital marketing and the current and likely future path of digital health, we believed there was a need to create the first conference specifically focused on how life science companies can drive commercial value through digital health. 

The speaker faculty was unparalleled, particularly for a first year conference.  Many Pharmaceutical manufacturers attended including Pfizer, GSK, BMS, Celgene, Sanofi, Novo Nordisk, Bayer, UCB, Boehringer Ingelheim, Ferring, Lifescan, Novartis, BTG, Irwonwood, Abbvie, Roche, Adhera Therapeutics and others.  We also gained diverse perspectives from healthcare provider and payer organizations such as Humana, Highmark and Jefferson Health as well as from digital health companies such as Akili, Propeller, Click Therapeutics and PackHealth. 

We created the conference to support the dialogue about digital health value models for life sciences.  Here is an overview of the different types of value models that we shared at DH4P:

INVEST: Equity investments in digital health companies via corporate pharma venture or innovation funds, Acquisition (i.e., Roche’s acquisition of FlatIron), Joint Venture (i.e., Sanofi + Verily forming Onduo)

INCUBATE / ACCELERATE: Internal efforts to support digital health startups (i.e., JLABS, Novartis Biome, Bayer Grants4Apps) or support of digital health companies via external organizations (i.e., Matter + Novo, J&J + Plug & Play)

COMMERCIALIZE: Typically BD&L partnerships with digital health technology organizations that leverage the life science organization’s commercialization capabilities to help bring the digital health technology to market (i.e., Novartis/Sandoz + Pear reSET-O)

COLLABORATE: Life science collaboration with digital health companies to leverage their technologies in an effort to achieve brand and customer goals (i.e., Boehringer Ingelheim + Propeller Health)

CO-DEVELOP: Jointly developing a digital health solution, utilizing an existing platform/asset from a digital health company and the R&D capabilities from a life science organization; typically includes governmental regulatory approval (i.e., Otsuka + Proteus, Pear/Thrive + Novartis in Schizophrenia)

If you would like additional perspective on these value models or Evolution Road’s point of view on driving commercial impact for pharma with digital health or digital marketing, “ask an expert” below.


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