Covid-19 has affected everyone both physically and mentally. With all the new stressors and hyper awareness of physical health, we recognize that people may not be focused enough on their mental health. 

To those ends, Evolution Road is holding a series of wellness workshop for our team, led by Dr. Mike Gross, a licensed Psychologist, specialized in working with high-performance teams.  The workshops focus on stress and coping: how stress impacts overall well-being, the relationship between stressors and our habitual ways of responding, mindfulness and being more aware of your thoughts, and even ways of getting unstuck from unproductive habits. 

Amy Maguire, an ER Senior Consultant, attended a workshop and had this to share

“We’ve been so lucky that throughout all the changes and upheavals that we’ve been going through as a result of COVID that ER has supported us as employees, but also as people. I have so many friends, family, neighbors, etc... going through work struggles on top of everything else, but ER has gone above and beyond to make sure our team hasn’t had that added pressure, and it’s made such a difference. 

The first workshop provided so many ways to recognize stress and start to overcome it. Just the simple act of being more aware of the habits/routines that I have been picking up over the past few months has been a real breakthrough in terms of helping to change the way I am responding to stress, and hopefully helping to reduce it.”