People and Organization Development Leader

Pat Webb

At ER, the bookends of our business are our market vision (“what” we do) and our culture (“how” we do it). Central to our culture are our core values: Making a Difference, Collaboration and Trust and it’s Pat’s responsibility to make sure we live those values in how we treat fellow E.Roadies, our clients and our company. Pat coordinates the hard elements of culture like organizational structure and controls, as well as the softer elements like stories, symbols, and how people behave so that together they are embedded in “how” we do our work.

As the needs of our market change rapidly, Pat is also responsible for creating and implementing programs to ensure ER develops the capacity and capability to become even more effective at delivering business impact. Pat aligns systems, structures, and processes, and ensures our HR practices will develop and empower our staff.

It’s not usual that consulting firms of our size have a dedicated People and Organizational Development Leader, but ER is not your usual kind of consulting firm.

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