Grit and Determination | Evolution Road meets with the authors of A Stroke of Luck: A Girl’s Second Chance at Life

October 16, 2020 - by Dwight Moran

How do you persevere when your situation seems hopeless? Unfortunately, this is a problem everyone has had to contend with far too often lately. COVID-19 has caused a need to practice unprecedented adaptability, patience, and fortitude. Therefore, Evolution Road has instituted a series of health and wellness meetings for staff. This week’s workshop featured guest speakers Juli, Alex, and Jessica Dixon. The Dixons have faced great hardship and they have shared their story with groups of 10 to 5,000 across the country, including folks at NASA.

Alex Dixon was a regular kid. She was smart, happy, and healthy. But at the age of 10, she started to struggle with a rare illness that caused her incredible pain and fatigue. Alex’s condition worsened and worsened, and it was apparent that if they didn’t act fast, she was going to die. They attempted brain surgery as a last resort. They will never know if the surgery was successful, because Alex had a stroke during the operation. This “Stroke of Luck” saved Alex’s life, as it put a stop to the process that was killing her. Alex could barely walk. She could barely even communicate. She needed to be taught how to live her life again.

The Dixon family was determined. Years of struggling to help Alex’s condition had resulted in even more work to come. But they were prepared to do whatever it took. They taught Alex to eat again, to walk again, and to talk again. Alex recovered, one step at a time. The whole way Alex’s positive attitude shined, keeping the Dixons motivated to keep working. Today, Alex is soon to graduate from the University of Central Florida. She had to struggle, and fight, but she was determined to succeed; and Juli and Jessica were determined to help her. This doesn’t mean there wasn’t difficulty. There was sadness, frustration, and arguing. The Dixon story teaches us that determination brings results.

The Dixons have been facing adversity their whole lives, and their wisdom is invaluable during times in which we all face adversity. Evolution Road employees were enthralled with the Dixons’ incredible story and use it as inspiration during their work and everyday lives. If Alex can learn to have a normal life again, surely, we can too. It won’t be easy, but with grit and determination, it is possible.

Learn more about Alex’s story and purchase the book on their website,

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