Kate Miller Named Chief Strategy Officer at Evolution Road

August 30, 2021 - by Dwight Moran

Kate Miller has been promoted to the position of Chief Strategy Officer from the position of Digital Innovation/Commercialization Practice Lead. She has been with the firm for nearly 14 years and was previously the Vice President of Strategy. Kate will be responsible for ER’s market vision, positioning and branding, thought leadership and intellectual property.

“I joined this unique organization in 2008 as the third employee. Paul Ivans started Evolution Road more than 20 years ago, because he saw how the pharmaceutical commercial model was changing. Digital was just starting to shift from a side act to being center stage in promotional plans, and we partnered with our clients to help them realize digital’s full potential as a business driver. Digital Health technologies are unlocking very different ways to deliver value to both brands and their customers. At Evolution Road, we believe that Digital Health is the future of healthcare marketing. As CSO, I will play a key role in helping Evolution Road realize this market vision for ourselves and our clients, and I could not be more excited for this new challenge.”

-Kate Miller, Chief Strategy Officer, Evolution Road

Evolution Road is a leading Digital Innovation consultancy focused on solving life science’s most critical commercial challenges by leveraging innovation across digital marketing and digital health.

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