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Letter from Our Founder

Digital innovation is more than just what’s shiny and new. For innovation to matter, it has to deliver real commercial impact and must improve health outcomes. Digital innovation needs to be rooted in research and analysis, business rationale and strategic rigor. Our clients trust that our objectivity, focus and experience will shape the right strategy that will work in the real world.

Realizing meaningful and measurable digital innovation is hard in any industry, but especially so in life sciences. Achieving goals is as much about designing and recommending the right strategies as it is positioning solutions and navigating organizational and healthcare ecosystems.

Hard as it may be, we love it. We love that our clients trust us to tackle it, year after year, challenge after challenge. We love that it gives us the opportunity to work with some of the smartest people on the planet. And we love that it presents us with the opportunity to have a positive impact on patient health outcomes.

Paul Ivans
Founder & CEO

Our Collective Values

Always striving to do the right thing

At the heart of our organization, we are united by meaningful principles.

Committed to making a difference

We believe deeply in the promise of our work. We know that the strategic guidance we provide our clients is not just capable of achieving business objectives but impacting health outcomes too. We care deeply for our people, and for one another because it is the right thing to do.

Collaborative by design

We value and cultivate strong client and colleague relationships. They are the foundation of our success. We foster a collaborative environment, leveraging the unique strengths and diverse perspectives of our team. We work together in a positive and constructive way to achieve results that none of us could accomplish on our own.

Rooted in trust

Our clients trust us to provide honest and objective recommendations that drive their businesses forward and improve health outcomes. We trust each other, sharing a culture of personal commitment and equal opportunity. Above all, we strive to do the right thing.

Working at Evolution Road

A diversity of perspectives, expertise and experience

We believe that those traits are mission critical to becoming our clients’ most objective and trusted strategic advisors and the most valued digital innovation thought leaders in the industry.

Bernice Ma

Principal, Digital Health Strategy and Operations

“What I enjoy the most about being a consultant at ER is having the opportunity to be a trusted partner for my clients and supporting them in making the best decisions for their business and product.”

Ellen Lehrich

Associate Principal

“Evolution Road is and always has been a forward-looking company that keeps the notion of solving business challenges for patients and healthcare professionals at the core of everything we do.”

Maggie Walesyn


“What excites me most is our ability to work with life science companies, brands and innovation partners to identify how to meaningfully support customers with cutting edge innovation at really critical points of need.”

Mischa Cohn

Senior Consultant, Digital Health Solution Lead

“Leadership has a very even-handed approach to work-life balance, which has helped me and my family navigate the challenge of balancing home life and work life.”

Paula Lam

Director of Operations

“Being with Evolution Road for over 10 years, I’ve appreciated its people-focused culture which has given me the flexibility and freedom to balance my personal and professional lives.”


Accelerate your career

Strategic problem solving. A passion for life sciences and human health. Unwavering faith in the power of digital. An innate ability to identify opportunities and craft viable commercial strategy.

These are just a few of the characteristics we look for in team members. Sound like you? Learn more about our current openings.

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