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Are You Ready to Make an Impact?

April 22, 2024 - by ER Team

At Evolution Road, we believe in marketing impact, not activity, and our ability to create, activate, and optimize an investment framework that delivers maximum impact is what makes us unique. But, frameworks and plans only get you so far if your organization doesn’t possess the characteristics that enable it to realize impact.

We call that Readiness, and we’ve seen that successful organizations display strength in five areas that make the difference between marketing initiatives that drive a measurable return and those that make minimal impact.

  1. Culture — to be successful, an organization and its partners must display an impact-focused mindset and must weave that perspective into the fabric of how teams plan for and evaluate marketing success
  2. Insights — the ability to deliver marketing investment impact is predicated on a clear and comprehensive understanding of the potential opportunity for your brand and the challenges that may inhibit your success
  3. Strategy — investment impact is driven by a sound, data-driven marketing strategy; but the most successful strategies are those characterized by the flexibility to adapt to emerging dynamics with a velocity that allows for impact realization
  4. Execution — the best laid marketing plans fall short when executed poorly; to deliver impact, an organization must have a tightly integrated, coordinated, and aligned network of partners and solutions all working toward a common set of objectives
  5. Measurement — impact-focused organizations focus on metrics that can be used to directly correlate investments to marketing outcomes, and they rally around an approach that allows them to seamlessly translate data into insights into actions that optimize impact

A clear understanding of the macro and micro dynamics surrounding your product, the category, and target audience is critical to successful marketing. As critical are the capabilities of the business and your partners to deliver impact. People, processes, data, technology – all need to be assessed, prepared and aligned to deliver maximum results.

So, how ready are you to make an impact? Take the Readiness Assessment to find out. Evaluating Readiness across the five key areas critical to success, the Assessment will allow you to quickly determine how well prepared your business is to deliver marketing investment impact, identifying gaps and opportunities that, if addressed, can ensure you are for set up for success.

In pharma, risk is a constant, but that doesn’t mean that as a pharma marketer you need to accept it—especially when you have a proven way to mitigate it via a focused approach to delivering impact. The rigor of the approach not only reduces risk, it provides a bulletproof rationale for the decisions that underlie your marketing plan and increases confidence that it will work.

The road to success starts with impact. Let’s hit it together.


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