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Eliminating care gaps through digital innovation

March 22, 2021 - by ER Team

Eliminating care gaps through digital innovation to drive vaccination rates

Executive Summary

One of the world’s top pharmaceutical companies sought to narrow gaps in care across its entire vaccine portfolio.

Cultivating a collaborative partnership for our client with CareSpeak, an OptimizeRx company that offers an interactive health messaging platform, we crafted a comprehensive member communications strategy that sparked measurable, meaningful engagement. Over 10,000 lives enrolled. More than 63 percent reported talking to their doctor about vaccines. Those that were parents? More than 86 percent reported speaking to their child’s doctor.

Strategic Approach

In developing our strategic recommendations to our client, there were specific requirements we needed to adhere to. The top priority? We needed to leverage technology to close care gaps and improve patient outcomes. We needed an automated, personalized engagement solution. We needed to reach patients where they already spent time instead of requiring behavioral change. And we needed to get to market quickly.

We brought CareSpeak, an OptimizeRx company, to the table to design a communications program powered by text messaging that we would pilot with over 250,000 patients that were covered by one of the nation’s largest insurers.

The opt-in program stood to provide patients with disease information, two-way quizzes triggered by prior patient messages, reminders to visit and speak with their doctor and survey follow-ups to measure actions taken. Relying on our deep life sciences industry expertise, we shepherded the initiative through our client’s organization, satisfying a wide range of requirements, culminating in a year-long pilot followed immediately by comprehensive data analysis and reporting.


Over 10,000 members opted-in of which more than 63 percent reported talking to their doctor about vaccines. And amongst those that were parents, 86 percent reported speaking to their child’s doctor.

The pilot proved just how effective text messaging could be for driving engagement—and outcomes.

This was measurable, meaningful digital innovation at work. The program achieved our client’s goals and is now scaling up.

“The strategy here was all about designing a process that effectively identified the right digital solution and outcomes that aligned with client objectives. By committing to a rapid test-learn-scale model, we were able to get to market quickly.”

-Alvaro Luna, Associate Principal, Evolution Road

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