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Reimagining patient engagement

March 23, 2021 - by ER Team

Executive Summary

A multinational pharmaceutical manufacturer knew there was room to improve engagement and adherence amongst its diabetes patients.

Where standard approaches fell short, we created the digital strategy, guided program development and piloted a multi-touch engagement program designed to meet patients on their terms—with deep personalization and less friction.

Strategic Approach

The ask was clear: create a comprehensive diabetes patient support program, enabling a personalized care plan for each patient to improve outcomes.

The challenge, however, was even clearer: diabetes patients tend to only stay on their medication for a few months. The abandonment rate is real.

Working with our client we mapped out a variety of potential solutions, but kept coming back to a scalable, multi-channel approach.

We designed, issued and managed an RFP, calling for digital health innovation organizations to put forth their ideas. Leading the evaluation process, we zeroed in on Pack Health, a Birmingham, Alabama-based digital health coaching company specializing in providing remote, human-to-human support across more than 25 chronic conditions.

Developing a program roadmap to create a personalized digital care plan to support all elements of the post-prescription experience, we guided Pack Health in their design and development of a multi-channel support infrastructure. The team built a tool to develop personalized, goal-oriented diabetes management plans, launched weekly health advisor counseling sessions, and prepared email and text message content that coaches could use to drive patient accountability.

Just nine months after launch, the pilot had generated enough data to conduct incremental adherence analysis.


The strategic approach we developed was executed by Pack Health, driving a 1000 percent increase in digital care plan engagement compared to the previous program. We saw 61 percent of enrollees engage in phone conversations with a health coach that lasted three minutes or more. Email open rates were north of 50 percent. (For context, brands get excited when open rates hit double digits.) Patients engaged with 40 percent of SMS messages.

But most importantly, the digital engagement program impacted lives with incremental medication adherence ticking up 2.41 percent.

“This strategy was about reducing friction. By meeting the population where they were, we weren’t asking them to introduce anything new or different to their lives. We made engagement virtually effortless and frictionless.”

-Adriane Vail, Senior Consultant, Evolution Road

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