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Using big data to boost engagement, conversion and revenue

March 23, 2021 - by ER Team

Executive Summary

One of the country’s largest pharmaceutical companies and a top health information technology company had always wanted to work together, yet the right opportunity never presented itself. Taking an independent, objective view, we found one driven by data.

With the objective of driving awareness and education across an entire portfolio and, ultimately, incremental treatment rates and improved patient outcomes, we layered multiple data sources to inform a multi-pronged digital communications strategy that reached three million patients and drove $40 million in incremental revenue.


Strategic Approach

Innovative solutions on their own are sunk costs if you’re not talking to the right people, the way they need to be talked to—and that’s precisely where we saw opportunity.

It just required some data science.

One of the participating organizations sits on a massive mountain of data—even by life sciences company standards. In fact, they sit on three mountains: population health management, health systems and insurance.

By layering these massive datasets, we found the signal through the noise. The strategy relied on robust analytics to identify patient and healthcare provider segments with care gaps, effectively informing where—and how—we should deliver disease education and reimbursement messaging that would drive engagement and conversion.

We were confident in this approach from a business perspective as well. It would meet customer needs and goals. Implementation complexity, risks and costs were low. Reach, scale and return potentials were high.


After launching the year-long pilot, six months of data analysis supported our hypothesis. The program earned over three million patient engagements. Over 35,000 healthcare professionals engaged. Across conditions, product usage jumped by 15-20 percent. And our client could trace these efforts to $40 million in incremental revenue.

“Yes the outcomes of this project were outstanding, but the project itself helped our client see that with the right perspective and vision they could, in fact, execute accelerated, scalable digital innovation strategies. And they’re repeatable! We’ve since done half a dozen scalings of this type of program, taking it to different client populations. There’s real value in the approach.”

-Alvaro Luna, Associate Principal, Evolution Road

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