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Marketing Impact

Realizing Impact – the Pharma Marketer’s #1 Priority

Over the past several months, we’ve attended a number of industry conferences and watched as very accomplished speakers waxed poetic about the value of awareness, impressions, and engagement.  In contrast, we’ve also listened to several Q1 earnings calls where corporate leaders spoke in detail about results and the keys to their future success—and we’ve noticed … Continued

May 20, 2024

Marketing Impact

Are You Ready to Make an Impact?

At Evolution Road, we believe in marketing impact, not activity, and our ability to create, activate, and optimize an investment framework that delivers maximum impact is what makes us unique. But, frameworks and plans only get you so far if your organization doesn’t possess the characteristics that enable it to realize impact. We call that … Continued

April 22, 2024

Marketing Impact

Why Every Pharma Marketer Needs an Impact Strategy

If you’re like most pharma marketers, you’ll soon be kicking off your annual brand planning process. You’ll share your objectives and strategic imperatives with your agency partners, they’ll go off in separate directions to brainstorm, and then you’ll all come back together to review a laundry list of tactical ideas sure to solve your most … Continued

May 6, 2024

Marketing Impact

3 Keys to Maximizing Marketing Impact

It’s hard being a pharma marketer today. Targeted treatments are forcing us to reach ever-shrinking audiences—often with ever-shrinking budgets. Digital innovation has elevated customer expectations. Content ubiquity has changed the traditional treatment dynamic, and the proliferation of data has made decision making more, not less, challenging. In a market where the decisions made can impact … Continued

April 15, 2024

In the News

Evolution Road-Evoke Community Action Month 2023

It’s Community Action Month! During July, teams across the globe at Evoke will dedicate a day of their working week to their communities. We were excited to have supported the incredible Homeland Hospice and Caring Hospice Services of South Jersey by creating no sew blankets and handwritten cards! #Healthmorehuman #Evoke #EvokeCommunityActionMonth #InizioCommunityActionDay #Volunteerwork #Communitysupport #Healthequity

July 25, 2023

Digital Innovation

Adding images to paid search ad copy – what does it mean for pharma?

Google Ads recently announced that pharmaceutical brands now have the option to include images in their paid search ads. While leveraging Google Ad Image Assets may increase engagement, the impact on audience quality and cost efficiencies is unknown and should be carefully tested.  What are Paid Search Image Assets?  Paid Search Image Assets allow advertisers … Continued

February 14, 2023

In the News

Inizio acquires Evolution Road, bolstering Evoke’s digital innovation and omnichannel offering

7th December 22 – Inizio, a strategic partner for companies in health and life sciences, has today announced the acquisition of Evolution Road, a digital innovation company in life science omnichannel, digital marketing and digital healthstrategy. Evolution Road will become part of Inizio’s MarComms business unit, Evoke, a leading global brand, experience, and communications platform, purpose-built … Continued

December 6, 2022

Digital Innovation

CTV Considerations for Pharma Brands

Traditional TV has played a dominant role in pharma marketing due to its power in reaching mass audiences. This dynamic has evolved substantially with people streaming content more than ever and advertisers following patients where they are. Here are some considerations when embarking into CTV and solidifying plans for 2023.

October 13, 2022

Digital Innovation

What is Connected TV, and what does it mean for Pharma Marketers?

Accelerated by the pandemic, TV consumption is changing and continues to decline due to fragmentation in the space. Traditional TV consumption on a single TV is quickly transitioning to increased on-demand streaming across multiple devices. Changing technology, paired with evolved TV watching, requires pharma marketers to modify their traditional approach to TV investment. Pharma has invested heavily in TV due to its reach capabilities, but now with Connected TV advertising (CTV), marketers can be even more savvy by reaching highly qualified audiences on TV more efficiently to drive brand impact.

April 25, 2022

Case Studies

Using big data to boost engagement, conversion and revenue

One of the country’s largest pharmaceutical companies and a top health information technology company had always wanted to work together, yet the right opportunity never presented itself. Taking an independent, objective view, we found one driven by data.

With the objective of driving awareness and education across an entire portfolio and, ultimately, incremental treatment rates and improved patient outcomes, we layered multiple data sources to inform a multi-pronged digital communications strategy that reached three million patients and drove $40 million in incremental revenue.

March 23, 2021

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